• composition
  • measuring proportions and creating a pencil sketch
  • creating a thumbnail
  • using fineliners
  • painting with watercolors
  • refining and adding details
watch and skecth!
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This is a recording of a live workshop by Julia Henze, urban sketcher and art teacher at Brave Brushes Studio, a membership for amateur artists and urban sketchers. 

I'm Julia Henze, an urban sketcher and an art teacher. and I'm here to help

It is my mission:

  • to help artists believe in themselves
  • to help them realize that they ARE artists
  • to teach them to love colors and see the beauty of lines and textures
  • to help them grow and thrive 

To help YOU  grow and thrive!

I’m here to help you:

  • focus on the process of making art instead of worrying about the result
  • have realistic expectations and stop comparing yourself to other artists
  • work on your sketching skills at your own pace
  • get that easiness, playfulness, and freedom back

Explore bright colors, draw confident lines and conquer perspective!

Here's how you can learn from me:


My blog has a collection of posts and tutorials on various aspects of (urban) sketching, drawing and painting, reviews of drawing materials, answers to common questions on watercolors, gouache and alcohol-based markers.


Connect with me on Instagram. DM me if you have a question or feedback on my classes and tutorials. Or simply get inspired! Post your artwork on Instagram and tag me so that I can feature you in my Stories.


My membership for amateur artists: a library of drawing lessons, regular live sketching sessions, and Q&A events. A supportive community of fellow sketchers. Guidance and helpful feedback from me.